First post-confinement real life meeting in Medytec

First post-confinement real life meeting in Medytec

While we continued to work to help the different project teams during the confinement, the Hub4AIM task force was happy to meet in real life for the first time after the confinement in the newly open Medytec place (although some of us joined by video conference).
In fact we were the first official meeting that inaugurate this 150m² space dedicated to MedTech in Grenoble.

As Bruno Cocheteux, from JBT Hub Up, said:

This is the suitable, user-friendly, well sonorized and visually pleasing place for real-life and remote meetings and exchange. I am impressed by the quality and quantity of the local medtech industry, that they managed to orchestrate and showcase here!

Olivier Peyret, from the CEA, said in a nutshell:

A beautiful place reflecting the dynamism of the Medtech ecosystem in the Grenoble area


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