PoC Day avec le CHU de Toulouse

PoC Day avec le CHU de Toulouse

Le mardi 10/11 s’est tenu un Poc Day en collaboration avec Innov’Pôle Santé, le responsable de l’innovation au sein du CHU de Toulouse.

Nous relayons ici leur message publié sur LinkedIn et partageons leur enthousiasme et remerciements !

Mardi 10/11 s’est tenu le POC Day; cette collaboration entre IPS et #Hub4aim a permis un échange sur des projets phares en cours d’accompagnement au sein d’Innov’Pôle Santé. Cet événement 100% #Digital a permis aux deux structures de se rencontrer et d’échanger sur quatre projets ; l’expertise de #Hub4Aim allié à celle d’Innov’Pôle Santé permettra d’accélérer la mise en œuvre et la réalisation de ces projets.
Merci aux équipes de #Hub4Aim pour cette journée d’échanges autour de nombreux projets !

Innov’Pôle Santé, LinkedIn, 10 nov 2020

First post-confinement real life meeting in Medytec

While we continued to work to help the different project teams during the confinement, the Hub4AIM task force was happy to meet in real life for the first time after the confinement in the newly open Medytec place (although some of us joined by video conference).
In fact we were the first official meeting that inaugurate this 150m² space dedicated to MedTech in Grenoble.

As Bruno Cocheteux, from JBT Hub Up, said:

This is the suitable, user-friendly, well sonorized and visually pleasing place for real-life and remote meetings and exchange. I am impressed by the quality and quantity of the local medtech industry, that they managed to orchestrate and showcase here!

Olivier Peyret, from the CEA, said in a nutshell:

A beautiful place reflecting the dynamism of the Medtech ecosystem in the Grenoble area

Meet us at the MedFIT 2019 edition

Meet Hub4AIM experts at MedFIT in Lille on June 25 and 26 2019.

With 700 international participants from 25+ countries, MedFIT is the opportunity to connect with international key innovators in the MedTech, diagnostic and digital health sectors.

As the leading European partnering event, MedFIT provides the ideal environment to help industry players to source early-stage assets, to facilitate the emergence of collaborative projects between big players, public research institutions, start-ups and SMEs, to increase licensing opportunities, to obtain funding and to facilitate market access.

Website: www.medfit-event.com

Registration : www.medfit-event.com/register-and-plan/registration-fees/

Hub4AIM PoC Day 3rd Edition
2 July 2019 (Toulouse)

How to assist and support early stage innovative MedTech projects in start-ups or SME and enable them to reach the CE marking?

In view of the mined field from innovative medical device concept to device CE marking, Hub4AIM is offering project holders to come and discuss their unmet needs and issues with a panel of experts on material, process means, concepts, IP, fluidic, chemistry, software validation, clinical studies, project management, industrialization, regulatory management.

After two successful editions of our PoC Day in Grenoble, we are organizing a third day PoC day, on July 2, 2019.
This time the event will take place in Toulouse.

We invite each of you to come for a 75 minutes private presentation and discussion. We could also reply to your questions on the pre-industrialization offer of Hub4AIM. Please go to the registration page and complete the inscription form. A NDA can be signed if necessary, do not hesitate to ask us.

Please note that there will be a limited number of available spots.

SNITEM webinar: “A New Solution for the Pre-industrialization of Innovative Medical Devices”

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting Hub4AIM during the SNITEM webinar, 9 May 15:00-16:00 CET
SNITEM Webinar are available online to all SNITEM members and are intended to be very interactive sessions.

The road is long and complex from the proof-of-concept to the market and difficulties come from technical, regulatory and clinical aspects of the process. Hub4AIM was made to help you to manage all these aspects globally and in parallel in order to accelerate your time-to-market. In this webinar, we will explain how Hub4AIM is able to produce additional expertise and resources in order to reduce your company investments and risks.